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Dynamic Penetration System for VRChat

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This System allows penetrative alignment across avatars in VRChat. It automatically aligns the penetrating mesh with the orifice marker when in range, and simulates penetration with smooth deformation of the penetrating mesh and orifice.



-Penetrator mesh must be a separate mesh and can not be deformed with bones. Included is an (experimental) setup wizard that can help.

-Tech is included to allow physics using the Dynamic Bones plugin (not provided)

-Penetrator mesh must be straight and oriented pointing up on the positive Z axis, with the origin at the center of the base. Curvature can be added if desired using the provided shader controls.

-Orifice Mesh must be a skinned mesh with blend shapes created to be encoded with the included tool.


-Penetrator and orifice mesh will not cast shadows or receive light from real time point lights. This is due to limitations in the technology that it makes use of to connect across avatars.

-Penetrator and orifice shaders are currently similar to standard shader, and includes a checkbox to instead use a very simple toon shader. XSToon versions are also available.

-As this system uses point lights and a custom shader, your avatar will be marked "very poor" on PC

-This system does not work on Quest avatars.


-System is limited to participation by one orifice and up to two penetrators per interaction. Other interactions that get too close to the system during use will cause alignment to fail. Have others using the system move a short distance away to resume alignment.


-Avatars must have an orifice component (included) to be penetrable.


-This package is not currently available for commercial redistribution.

Change Log:

1.01: Reduced flipping issue at extreme angles significantly. Added more documentation.

1.02: Fixed reliance on blender being linked to unity.

1.10: BIG UPDATE! Multiple compatibility fixes. Added wiggle penetrators. Added a basic toon shader option. Package now includes one human penis model. IMPORTANT! Penetrators from this update will not interact with orifices from the past update, and vice versa. Get your friends to update their orifices, It's drag and drop!

1.11: Code refactor and performance improvement. Added support for Poiyomi Pro shader available at, just unpack the unitypackage in the plugins folder!

1.12: Added support for XSToon2.0! XSToon penetration shader is included in the package and ready to use. Setup tool improved.

1.20: Orifice deformation is now possible. Tool included to convert blenshapes on an avatar to deform when penetrated. Stability improvements. Penetrators no longer magnetized to one another.

1.21: Poiyomi Pro plugin is now available for orifices. Orifice fix added for models wish scale issues.

1.30: New penetrator tool should make custom penetrator creation significantly faster and easier. Improved deformation math. Improved code readability. YOU MUST DELETE THE OLD DYNAMICPENETRATIONSYSTEM FOLDER TO UPGRADE!

1.31: Editor bug fix

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Dynamic Penetration System for VRChat

2506 ratings
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